Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Thursday, September 07, 2006

ok people if you are reading this pleese oh pleese look at my poetry and comment even if you think it sucks write that i am trying to see what people think of my work so your opinions can help me be better thanks !

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Twisting in the winds of pain
Hung by unseeing hands
Crying to the empty night
Hope has long since abandoned me
To desolation’s cold embrace
Find solitude in numbness
As what once brought happiness
Leaches away my joy
Regrets chase me
Across this barren wasteland
And into the shadows I fall
And into the shadows I crawl
And with despair I scream
To deaf ears with a muted voice
Safe within the shadows
I squeeze my eyes closed
Shutting out their world

The silence and stillness
Begin to suffocate me
Through the oppression comes a call
A bitter cry much like my own
Towards her I wander
Unsure of what I seek
Yet searching all the same

I find her lying there
Amid the ruin
Faint moonlight shines upon her
Illuminating her battered body
Peering into her eyes
I find a powerful essence
Silhouettes of a pain hidden
She is beautiful
Like nothing I have seen
We approach each other
Lost in the miracle
A refuge in her arms
An understand between us
I offer my disfigured heart
Trusting her to keep it
Receive her precious heart
Vowing to always guard it
Two forsaken souls united
Burning in the darkness
Is our love’s fiery glow

Yet this bliss of ours
Couldn’t remain forever
Talons of ignorance
Abduct me from her side
Yet I carry her heart close to me
Despite their best efforts
Our love wont be extinguished
They imprison me
Within society
Just close my eyes open my mind
And beside me she stands
Reach through the bars of my cage
Crossing lines unseen
Breaking rules unspoken
Risking and losing all
For moments with her
Her smile is a treasure
Worth more than my sacrifice

For every wall we conquer
A hindrance remains
Battle strengthens our bond
Yet we are drained of hope
She turns from me in sorrow
She starts to walk away
Fear consumes my anguished soul
Quietly I walk beside her
Feeling dispirited
Without the words I seek
Silently taking her hand
If only for the last time
Despite my hesitance
Or maybe for it
She stops before the ledge
Returning to shadows with me
For Jess
Holding your hand wont make you stay.
How many times do I have to watch you walk away
Before I can hold you close to me?
What will become of our love that all watch and none see?
In your eyes I find the truth
We are united forever by our hearts